Bright Light Bright Light Remix
January 12, 2010, 3:58 am
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It’s very late…

Here’s a remix I (Mark) did for a BBC Radio feature where various artists had a crack at remixing tracks by the brilliant Bright Light Bright Light



Bright Light Bright Light – How To Make A Heart (Gallops Dub) by GALLOPS


January 11, 2010, 1:56 am
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Hey Young World,

We now have some merchandise available! Three new t-shirt designs and a lovely trucker cap. Buy something, wear it. You will be the envy of all your friends…..

EP nearly done too!!


Gods on a Safari….
December 19, 2009, 6:12 pm
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Short Post!

Just found this via the great FM Shades music blog

24hr streaming mix of Psych, Avant-Garde and Post Punk music. Amongst other great music. Check it out, click the link at the bottom of this post..

Watch live video from FM SHADES PSYCH cult EXPERIMENTAL on

December 16, 2009, 6:15 pm
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As a form of apology for the unacceptable lack of posts on this blog. Here is a free mix for you to have a listen to. Just some stuff we like basically. We hope you do to!!! Enjoy…


J.P. Decerf / M. Saclays – I.R.A
Deuter – Atlantis
Blue Phantom – Distillation
James Pants – Neverland
Geto Boys – Minds Playing Tricks On Me (Club)
Floating Points – For You
Sun Ra – Calling Planet Earth
Lighning Bolt – Birdy
Mike Slott – The Now
Hudson Mohawke – 3.30
Lone – To Be With A Person That You Really Dig
Cluster – Für Die Katz

Download Link


December 16, 2009, 6:01 pm
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Hello all!

We’ve been unforgivably lazy with our blogging as we have been concentrating on being musicians, the wonders (?) of Myspace and the beautiful distraction that is the world of Twitter.

It really has been a wonderfully eventful summer for us, and we have achieved a lot of things that would not have seemed achievable when we started doing this shit back in 2007 AD. We’re all a bit bloody proud of ourselves to be honest. Didn’t we do well!!!!! Eh?

We won’t bore you with every sordid detail of our summer but rather document the highlights…

First of all we played the Radio One Big Weekend in sunny Swindon on the BBC Introducing stage on 10th. The whole weekend was a stormer despite the actual festival not being exactly up our street to say the least! In all honesty the event itself felt like a glorified, gaudy version of one of those nightmarish Radio One Roadshows that used to take place in obsolete British seaside towns. Do they still happen?!?

Moaning aside though, the actual show/weekend was really enjoyable and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved at Radio One and everyone that came to see us. We travelled to Swindon in a large rabble and it was great to spend the weekend at a local campsite with so many of our friends. It was actually quite a surprise to me that the security at the event allowed a group of 10+ alcohol fueled Wrexham lads with mild sunstroke, within touching distance of such ‘real’ celebrities such as Lily Allen and Alesha Dixon. Thank you security, for being so indiscriminating! The whole weekend was a blast and despite getting kicked off our campsite we came away from the weekend unscathed and with a high (ish) profile gig to put on our CV. Tidy….

After our appearance at Big Weekend we spent the rest of the Spring/Summer playing various shows all over the country. We played at:

Mad Ferret, Preston 30/05/09
Sacred Trinity Church, Salford 05/06/09
Dry Bar, Manchester 11/06/09
Adonzka, Milton Keynes 13/06/09
Madame Jojo’s, London 07/07/09
Wakestock, Abersoch 11/07/09
The Cellars, Oxford 18/07/09
Central Station, Wrexham 31/07/09

We enjoyed all of these shows a lot. It was particularly great to play two of the above (Oxford and Milton Keynes) with our partners in crime ‘Minnaars’, more on those later. But the highest profile show we played over the summer was undoubtedly our appearance on the Main Stage at the Wakestock Music Festival in North Wales. This was the biggest stage we’ve ever played on, both in terms of physical size and status.

It really was a strange feeling for us to be playing on a ‘proper’ festival Main Stage with a monitor engineer and everything! We even managed to get a small portion of our set broadcast on an episode of the saucy ‘Hollyoaks Later’ on Channel 4, which was pretty damn surreal! A full live track of ours (‘Joust’) and shocking interview was also broadcast on Huw Stephens coverage of the festival on S4C (telly for Welsh folk). The weather at Wakestock was absolutely shocking, gale force winds and HEAVY rain but we still managed to enjoy it and got to see the magnitude of Dizzee Rascals rider first hand. Which brought us back down to earth and made us realise we hadn’t quite landed yet! Warm cans of Carling for us I’m afraid!!

Check out our cameo appearance in the video below playing ‘Crutches’ at around the 1 min 24 secs mark!

At the end of the summer we were very kindly invited to embark on a short tour of France and Germany with the lovely Minnaars. We have played a few shows with Minnaars in the past and can’t recommend them enough. Get up, get into it, get involved!!!

The shows we played on the tour were:

Le Sonic, Lyon 31/08/09
Cube, Paberborn 01/09/09
NBI, Berlin 03/09/09
Bang Bang Club, Berlin 04/09/09
Seven, Geldern 05/09/09

It has to be said this is probably the highlight of our career as a band. Experiencing touring of this kind was amazing. All of the shows we played over in Europe were great and it was such a good feeling meeting so many people who were interested in our work so many miles away. Thanks for this opportunity Minnaars! BIG LOVE FUN BOYS 🙂

We can’t wait to get back out to Europe! Watch this space…..


Following our jaunt around Europe we also played the prestigious In The City and Swn showcases in Manchester and Cardiff to much acclaim! Great shows with great people. We got rather a lot of attention from industry types which is always nice! Getting quite a bit of label interest right now too, so who knows what will be the outcome of the next few months. Again, watch this space…

You will be happy to hear that we have finally completed the recording our debut self-titled EP (got there in the end!) It’s currently in the tweaking stages but it won’t be too long before y’all can get your greasy paws on it! Tracks that made it onto the EP are Miami Spider, Defbox, Oh The Manatee, Sonderhof and an ‘improvised in the studio with gear we couldn’t afford’ mandatory intro track, which sounds bloody lovely in all honesty! We recorded it in The Music Box studios in Cardiff with a friend of ours, Llion Robertson, on engineer/producer duties. Thanks to Llion for making recording the EP so relaxed and enjoyable. You are a star….

We have lots of gigs on the horizon. We are playing at the Redi Nights Christmas Party in Central Station, Wrexham on 27th December. Although we don’t play on our home turf often, we love it when we do! Also, we are playing a special extended set at Moho Live in Manchester for Audio farm on New Years Eve. Which is likely to be pretty special….

Upcoming gigs:

Redi Nights Christmas Party, Central Station, Wrexham 27/12/09
NYE Audio Farm Special, Moho lIve, Manchester 31/12/09
The Good Ship, London 21/01/09

Keep checking here for updates, we will update them as and when they happen….

Hope you are all good



Shit just got real…

Hello All,

We haven’t got round to any blog posting for a good while, we’ve been busy bees. Hope everyone is good and enjoying the oncoming of the warmer slice of the year. Roll on Summer…

A couple of bits of interesting news from Gallops. We have been confirmed for both the BBC Radio 1 Weekend and Wakestock festivals this Spring/Summer! Happy Days!

Radio 1 Big Weekend will take place on May 9-10th at Lydiard Park in lovely Swindon, we’ve bagged the penultimate slot on the BBC Introducing stage thanks to various good eggs at the British Broadcasting Corporation and are eternally grateful. The line up for the event is really quite good with all the big names you would expect at an event this size. Check out the web page link below for further details, we’re playing on the Sunday at 6.20pm 🙂

Also confirmed is a slot at Wakestock 2009, Europe’s Largest Wakeboard Festival. If you haven’t heard of Wakestock we suggest you check it out. The festival site is on the outskirts of the coastal resorts of Pwllheli/Abersoch in Gwynedd, North Wales. I’ve been there as a punter for the last few years and it really is worth the ticket. Good Music, ‘Extreme’ Sports Events and Great People all set against the stunning backdrop of the North Wales coast. It will definitely be interesting for me to see the festival from a different point of view and we are all immensely excited about this event! We will be playing on the Main Stage at the event alongside Super Furry Animals, N*E*R*D, Dizzee Rascal, Joy Formidable, Moby etc. The festivals take place on the 10-12th July. More info in link below, check it oot.

We also have some more gigs lined up over the month or so. This Sunday (May 3rd) we are headlining a gig at the Sacred Trinity Church (actual church!!!!) in Salford as part of Huw Stephens (Radio 1) showcase at the Sounds From the Other City Festival 2009. I’ve never been to this festival but i’ve been told many good things. We are playing alongside:

Marina and the Diamonds
Peggy Sue
Sweet Baboo
The Tombots
Nia Morgan

plus DJ sets from Huw Stephens & Jakokoyak

We’ve never played a church before. This is Sick..

If you read this in time, we have a 3 track live session being broadcast on Radio Wales tonight from 10pm on Adam Walton’s show. Listen in if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed…

JG BALLARD RIP. Your work will never be forgotten…..

Here’s a little Melodius Thunk for your head space.



Down the ‘Diff Doing The Do….
February 26, 2009, 3:28 pm
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A big pancake shaped hello to all,

Hopefully February has treated you as well as it has treated us. Have not posted anything for a while as we have been a lot busier than usual, plus there has not been any interesting goings on to update you with to be fair. Practicing, working, writing, financing, planning and generally procrastinating (<repeat) have generally been the order of the day for the past month or so. All of these being activities that hold little interest to anyone but ourselves and are most definitely not worth writing or posting pictures about. Anyhoo…

We were back down in Cardiff over the weekend for a show at Barfly on Friday supporting the brilliant This Town Needs Guns, whose LP ‘Animals’ is phenomenal might i add. Buy it via their Myspace page, don’t download it! Do as i say not as i do. Also playing was Zail who were very interesting according to various sources, unfortunately we missed them due to the mandatory trip to Wetherspoons for pre-show beer and burger deals. Hope to catch the two-piece play at some point in the future! This Town Needs Guns were as good live as on record and impressed all of us suitably. Barfly in Cardiff however doesn’t seem like ‘our kind’ of venue though to be fair, didn’t seem to get much reaction from the crowd who seemed to be more interested in sending texts and updating their Facebook statuses on their iphones than watching us perform our work. Are we that boring??? However, it soon became apparent that this was the general mood of the venue/crowd who didn’t seem too enthusiastic about seeing the headline band they had paid their hard earned nuggets to see either. There was some mild head nodding but nothing to raise the spirits. Shit choice of beer too Win some, lose some. Big thanks to This Town Needs Guns, Zail and most importantly the people in the crowd who gave a fuck, you were all splendid. See you next time.

Having had more beers than we intended to and 2-3 hours sleep on Meilirs living room floor, Saturday morning was a little vile but a few rounds of beans and eggy bread soon made it all better. I’ll take this opportunity to both plug Meilir and thank him for his hospitality once again. Check his brilliant music at: and be astonished. A top bloke indeed. Diolch.

We headed to the ITV Machine Room studios on the outskirts of Cardiff to record our session for Bethan and Huw’s Radio 1 show. An hour late (naturally) we were met by engineer Nick Palmer and studio owner/composer/arranger/all round good egg John Rea. The studio was modest in size but the gear was fantastic, I had my first experience of playing a mk 1 Rhodes organ and if i’m honest nearly did a little love wee. The session went well and after a minor hitch with Dave’s hi-hats (thanks to the Music Box for the loan btw!) we finished recording the session in a couple of hours. The session was produced and mixed by Richard Jackson who knew his way round Pro Tools like a mutha. Legend. Overall we are more than pleased with the overall sound of the session and it was a pleasure to work with all of the above. We really can’t thank you enough! Big thanks to Nick for warming up the Leslie for us!

The session is being played next Wednesday sometime after midnight on Radio 1 Wales so tune in. The stems of the session are also being remixed by a handful of producers and will be played as an extra special ‘Gallops Remix Session’ at a later date which of course we will update you on. If you’re in Wrexham this weekend we are playing at The Talbot again on Sat 28th with support from F.O.E (amazing) and DJ/Noise sets  from myself as Birfmarq (Shite) and Wondercut (Shite) 😉 Doors are at 8 i believe, get there early as we are expecting it to be as busy as ever, 3 sheets entry. Word

Heres some motherfucking average pictures from the session, hope you like them: